Corryn Jackson

Corryn Jackson, MA, LLPC, Art Therapist

is a limited licensed therapist with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Art Therapy from Wayne State University. She offers treatment for children, adolescents, adults, older adults, and families. Corryn has practiced in a variety of treatment settings including community-based services, a substance use rehabilitation clinic, a program for preschoolers with autism, and a residential treatment facility for severely emotionally disturbed teens and those involved in the juvenile justice system. As a counselor and art therapist, Corryn tailors her approach to meet the needs of each individual client. She utilizes a humanistic/person-centered, strength-based, holistic approach integrated and aimed to explore a client’s experience and involved systems. Corryn believes in forming a collaborative partnership to identify goals and assess progress while providing a non-judgmental, culturally sensitive, safe space for growth. She is passionate about encouraging and empowering people to search for meaning and live authentically through creative expression and investigation of self and the world around them. Corryn also utilizes empirically supported interventions such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Her clinical interests include anxiety, depression, abuse/neglect, grief and loss, trauma, personality disorders, gender identity concerns, working with LGBTQ and non-conforming folks, as well as adjustment and transitional concerns.


Fadowa Harrel, LLMSW

is a Limited Licensed Social Worker with a Master’s in Social Work from Eastern Michigan University focusing on Mental Health and Chemical Dependency. She has a wide range of experience in advocacy, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention. She is passionate about working with individuals who are experiencing depression, anxiety, grief and loss, post-partum issues, stress management, PTSD, domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual assault, substance abuse, and suicide. Fadowa enjoys working with adults of any age. She uses many different therapeutic approaches, including Trauma-Informed Care, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Psychoeducation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, and Psychotherapy.  She creates a safe place where individuals may express their thoughts and feelings without any judgment and they will be heard. Fadowa is trilingual and speaks English, Arabic, and Chaldean. 


Dr. Lawrence Michael Kalb, PhD

is a Fully Licensed Clinical Psychologist who holds a joint degree in Clinical Psychology and Developmental Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. He offers treatment for children, adolescents, adults and families. Dr. Kalb brings a wealth of experience working with children and families from many different cultures. Dr. Kalb works in collaboration with patients to help them achieve their goals in a timely fashion. While Dr. Kalb’s approach to therapy is generally client centered, he received in-depth education and training in cognitive-behavioral-therapy (CBT) and is often helpful with a variety of issues and diagnoses that are difficult to treat. Dr. Kalb’s specialty areas include treatment of anxiety and depression, relationship issues, child and adolescent behavioral problems and parent/child relationship issues. He also has training and experience in working with young children with autism and their parents to improve social functioning and reduce behavior problems at home and at school.


Kuneka “Kay” Gilchrist, LMSW

is a Limited Licensed Master’s Social Worker (LLMSW) who received her degree from Wayne State University. She has experience in home-based and residential care working with children and adolescents, both individually and with their families. Kay works with children, adolescents, and adults with various concerns, including depression, anger, anxiety, trauma, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and severe family conflict. Kay utilizes empirically supported treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), psychoanalytic, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Kay also uses other creative and productive therapy techniques such as role play and empty chair. Kay enjoys working with children and is especially good at finding ways to help them feel comfortable while working through their traumas. Kay seeks to create a judgement-free and supportive environment based on caring and respect to help clients feel at ease and pursue their therapeutic goals.


G. Nathanael “Nate” Carela, LMFT

is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). He enjoys collaborating with you to find strength-based, short-term solutions to meet your life goals. Whether your needs are individual, relational, romantic (couples, marriage), related to parenting or restructuring the way your family operates, he considers it a privilege to join you on this journey of life. Nate focuses on school-aged children, teens, young adults, and middle-aged adults looking to understand their life’s narrative and who desire lasting changes. Whether you or your loved ones are feeling the effects of anxiety, depression, grief, ADHD/ADD or behavioral problems among other issues, Nate can help you create a client-driven plan towards success. Nate also works with couples who are struggling with finding the spark that once held them together. Whether the fire is dwindling due to the busyness of life, criticism is winning, infidelity took place or the in-laws moved in, you can work together to help your relationship become alive once again.


Lindsey Ohmer, LMSW

is a Fully Licensed Master’s Level Clinical Social Worker. She completed her MSW at Michigan State University in East Lansing. Lindsey has a wide range of experience working with children, adults, and families in school settings, residential settings, and therapy settings. She uses strength-based therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), as well as insight-oriented therapy to help address a variety of issues. She is passionate about working with children, teenagers, and women and believes that the best therapeutic relationships are built on teamwork and trust to resolve interpersonal issues, increase quality of life, and help clients reach their goals.


Melissa Tavakoldavani, MEd, LPC

is a Licensed Professional Counselor who completed her Master’s degree at the University of North Texas. She is a compassionate and insightful therapist whose passion is to help teens, couples and LGBTQ clients through difficult times. Melissa has over 10 years’ experience in working with children and teens in individual therapy, group therapy and school settings. She has specialized training in Play Therapy, which helps children aged 3-10 work through a variety of problems including behavioral concerns, anxiety, depression, and trauma. Her culturally sensitive, compassionate approach allows her to help LGB and gender diverse teens, adults and their families. While drawing upon each person’s strengths, Melissa works with clients to identify areas of improvement and establish skills that can help throughout the many challenges of life. She uses humanistic, interpersonal, family systems, and cognitive-behavioral therapies to help clients improve their functioning and overall health in a safe, non-judgmental, collaborative environment.


Ashley Burton, MSW, LLMSW

Ashley Burton earned both her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work at Eastern Michigan University. She provides a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental atmosphere where she and clients can work collaboratively to explore and improve areas of concern that are impeding growth and daily functioning. Although she works with adults of all ages, she specializes in individual psychotherapy with young adults. Her clinical interests include depression, anxiety, life transitions and adjustments, identity related issues, relationship concerns, separation, grief and loss, trauma and stress management. Ashley’s clinical approach is integrative and client-centered with experience in interpersonal therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and dialectic behavioral therapy. Ashley strongly believes the therapeutic alliance promotes change and values working from a place of compassion, authenticity, and collaboration.


Jasmine Williams, TLLP

is a TLLP therapist with a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Wayne State University. She offers treatment for children/adolescents, adults, couples, and families. She believes that every individual has the ability to guide their life in the direction they want; she is just the passenger helping along with that journey. She strives for all to reach their full potential. Jasmine’s specialty areas include depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, minority stress, substance abuse, and children and adolescent problems/child-parent problems. She uses an integrative approach that includes an overall humanistic perspective combined with various other perspectives such as psychodynamic, family systems, experiential, ACT and sometimes a bit of CBT. 


Shirley Hartman, LMSW

is a Fully Licensed Masters Social Worker who earned her degree from the University of Michigan School of Social Work, Ann Arbor. She has practiced in a variety of treatment settings including outpatient, residential and community based services. Shirley’s background includes working with individuals (children, adolescents, adults)  on variety issues including depression, anxiety, stress management, anger, ADHD, ASD, gender identity and substance abuse issues. She utilizes evidence based treatment (cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral therapy, solution focused, motivational interviewing and stages of change) while working with individuals to help improve overall quality of life.


Adrienne Leigh Seeley, MA, LPC, NCC

Adrienne is a board certified Licensed Professional Counselor. She earned her master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Eastern Michigan University and has backgrounds in music and education. Adrienne has several years of experience working with a diverse population of adolescents and adults affected by stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, life transitions, and loss. Her approach to counseling is based in the person-centered philosophy of care and she integrates a variety of therapeutic modalities to best meet the unique needs of each client. With compassion and authenticity, Adrienne provides a safe, accepting and collaborative environment within which clients are empowered to achieve their goals and create balance and wellness in their lives.


Christin Perry-Michalik, LPC

is an experienced Professional Counselor with many years of experience working with both children and adults. She earned her Masters Degree in Professional Counseling from Central Michigan University in 2004 and have over 15 years post masters experience. She has experience working with children and adults in the areas of difficult behaviors, depression, anxiety, trauma, adjustment to life challenges, self-esteem and relationship concerns. She has many years working with children and families in the community mental health, foster care systems, and schools addressing various mental health concerns. She is also nationally certified in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She also integrates various approaches in therapy including play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, humanistic, and family therapy.


Bethany Gourley, PhD, LLP

Beth is a limited licensed psychologist who obtained her Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Eastern Michigan University and is completing her postdoctoral training at CRCD. Beth completed her APA-approved pre-doctoral internship at the John D. Dingell VA in Detroit, where she received specialized training in health psychology, including working with individuals to manage chronic health conditions and engage in positive health behavior changes such as weight loss and tobacco cessation. She believes strongly in approaching treatment from a holistic perspective, helping clients to gain insight into the relationship between their mood, thoughts, behaviors, and health. She approaches therapy from a combination of insight-oriented and cognitive behavioral perspectives, and her work is most strongly informed by third wave behavioral treatments, including mindfulness and acceptance commitment therapy. In addition to working with individuals struggling with health-related concerns, Beth has extensive experience in the treatment of mood disorders, including anxiety and depression, substance abuse, and issues related to gender and sexuality. 


Monique Seymour, LMSW

is a Fully Licensed Master’s Level Social Worker with degrees from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. She has experience working with children, adults, families and couples in various clinical settings to address problems with depression, self-esteem, grief/loss, anxiety, interpersonal relationships and parenting. Monique strives to create collaborative relationships with her clients by providing empathy, compassion, patience and respect in a non-judgmental and encouraging environment. She utilizes a client-centered, strength-based approach that incorporates several treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), family systems and parent management skills. Monique gains tremendous joy from being able to provide clients with the education, tools and support necessary to identify their strengths and realize their fullest potential.  


Dr. Ellen Keyt, PhD

is a Fully Licensed Psychologist who completed her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Detroit Mercy. She has over 15 years of experience working with diverse populations of adults, youth, couples, families and groups in a variety of clinical settings. Her culturally sensitive therapeutic approach integrates insight-oriented and family systems perspectives with techniques selected from interpersonal and relational psychoanalysis, dialectical behavior therapy, and humanism. Depression, anxiety, trauma, grief work, issues of ethnic and cultural diversity, minority stress, and LGBTQIA concerns are some of her areas of particular expertise. Dr. Keyt also has extensive diagnostic and supervisory experience in psychological testing for learning disabilities, ADHD, autism and other presenting issues.


Mark Soutar, MS, LLP

is a Limited License psychologist with a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Behavioral Psychology from Eastern Michigan University. He has experience in Residential Care working with adolescents individually and conducting family therapy. Mark has worked with adolescents and adults with various disorders including depression, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, autism, obsessive compulsive disorder, and severe family conflict. Mark has experience utilizing empirically supported treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Activation, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Mark seeks to create a judgment free and supportive environment based on caring and respect to help clients feel at ease and pursue their therapeutic goals.


Larissa Heise, LMSW, LBA, BCBA

is a Fully Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst who completed her Master’s Degree from the University of Michigan. She is a dedicated and compassionate therapist who works primarily with children, adolescents, young adults and families in creating positive and lasting change in their lives. Larissa has experience working with a variety of mental health and developmental needs including anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, trauma, abuse, ADD/ADHD, autism, and family conflict. She has particular expertise working with children exhibiting high levels of intensive challenging behaviors.  Larissa ensures individualized care and treatment is derived from evidenced based practices and techniques ranging from insight-oriented therapy, behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP), and parent management and support training. Larissa seeks to understand each child and family utilizing a holistic approach and creates a collaborative and supportive treatment environment to process and pursue meaningful change.


Yifat Clein, LMSW

Yifat’s approach to therapy is collaborative and integrative. After getting to know you and the challenges that bring you to therapy now, Yifat will offer insight and collaborate with you to implement changes to help you move toward your goals. The majority of Yifat’s experience includes working with people who have symptoms of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress. She especially enjoys supporting people with various forms of anxiety, including caregiver stress, obsessive compulsive disorder, and secondary traumatic stress. She utilizes interventions including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and mindfulness based approaches. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Dr. Holly Hale, PhD

is a Fully Licensed Clinical Psychologist who strives to sensitively and collaboratively work with you to reach your goals. She uses an integrative, personalized approach, understanding that each individual has experienced unique life challenges. Dr. Hale holds a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Detroit Mercy and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree at Rutgers University where she conducted research on environmental stimuli and mood regulation. Dr. Hale has presented her research on social support, mood regulation, and massively multiplayer games at both local and national conferences. Dr. Hale completed her APA accredited internship at the Hawthorn Center, a state inpatient hospital for children and adolescents. Her experience and training in a wide range of settings, allows her to carefully select techniques, ranging from insight-oriented psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), parent management training (PMT), communication training, and art/play therapies, in order to maximize an individuals’ growth.



Dr. Mira Cely, PhD

is a Fully Licensed Psychologist who holds a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Detroit Mercy. Her clinical interests include anxiety, depression, abuse, trauma, adjustment and identity related issues, relationship difficulties, parent management, LGBTQIAA, diversity issues and crisis intervention. While her primary approach to treatment stems from an insight-oriented perspective, she also integrates cognitive behavioral (CBT) and existentialist/humanistic orientations. Dr. Cely strives to provide her clients with a safe therapeutic space to address their concerns in a non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere.


Kevin Reilly, MA, LLP

is a Limited License Clinical Psychologist who holds a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology (originally the Center for Humanistic Studies). He has over 25 years of professional experience working with adults, children, adolescents, couples, and groups. Kevin has particular expertise in working with depression, anxiety, men’s and women’s issues, marital / relationship issues, substance abuse and addictions. He works primarily from an insight oriented perspective, but incorporates other approaches as well, such as interpersonal, humanistic, cognitive behavioral, educational, and EMDR. For cases involving substance abuse and addictions his work is based on the 12-Step model of AA, which has a proven track record in effectively dealing with a variety of addictions.


Kathy Miller Reilly, PhD

is a Fully Licensed Clinical Psychologist who holds a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Detroit Mercy, and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan. She is the Director of the clinic and has over 25 years of experience working with adults, children, adolescents, couples, and groups. She has particular expertise in working with depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, and personality disorders. She works primarily from an insight oriented perspective, but incorporates other approaches as well, such as interpersonal, cognitive behavioral, educational, and EMDR. She finds that the combination of EMDR, along with the other above approaches, is particularly helpful in bringing quick and thorough relief to a wide number of client.

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