We are always looking out for skilled, sensitive, and curious therapists to join our team.

We want our staff to thrive and grow in our environment on a personal and professional level. When our therapists’ meets are being met, we succeed together. Our goal is to bring on people with good hearts and good minds. We aim to create a supportive, comfortable environment for therapists.

If you are someone who is passionate, caring and looking for the next move in their career, read on.

How We Help Therapists

We provide weekly group supervision sessions with a paid lunch where we discuss clients and cases to brainstorm and help each other to see through different lenses.

Individual supervision and career development are available for people who are wanting further training in psychodynamic or insight oriented work. We will meet a couple of times a month for continuous training and support.

We foster a collegial atmosphere and interaction with other staff members so people can consult on cases and questions that arise.

These are voluntary resources available by choice.

We organize occasional team activities outside of the office as an opportunity to get together outside of work and develop a work-family collaborative environment.

Our therapists are independent contractors. Although we do not provide benefits, our team members are free to set their own schedules and increase/decrease hours as needed. We are open 7 days a week for further scheduling flexibility.

We don’t expect our therapists to bring their own clients. We generate our own marketing and have steady referrals coming in to help our therapists to build their individual case loads. 

We provide a kind, supportive administrative staff, a calm space with comfortable furnishings, clients, and we pay twice a month. Our intent is to allow our therapists to focus primarily on providing client care and building your practice.

We provide our therapists with a generous, competitive compensation rate with the opportunity to grow as they continue with our practice.


What to Expect

Therapists come to work, see clients, and return home to their everyday lives. We handle bringing in and scheduling new clients. We provide structure and organization so that therapists can focus on individual clients.

What we are Looking for

Caring, kind, curious, and compassionate people who are looking to learn. If you are looking for a team to work together for further supervision, learning, and growth, we want to meet you!

Our goal is to have therapists that want to join and stay on our team for a long time.

We provide resources to do so.

Who should apply

Outpatient psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists, LMFTs, LPCs

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Learn. Heal. Grow.